Welcome to the New York Fishing Podcast with George Scocca
June 11, 2020

Why I oppose a Slot for Striped Bass – As well as local fishing updates!

Why I oppose a Slot for Striped Bass – As well as local fishing updates!
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 George Scocca, the founder of Nor’east Saltwater and Noreast.com, and now Publisher of www.nyangler.com, gives his case of why a slot fish is not the answer for striped bass. Do you agree or disagree? George also talks about why he does support a slot for a tautog. In this episode, we speak with a number of local fishing tackle owners and anglers that give us some insight on their thinking and tactics.

George speaks with “Tony Fish” the local angler that caught the fish of a lifetime – a 15-pound fluke while fishing inside of Jamaica Bay. When you listen you’ll hear all of the particulars.  

Other guests in this episode include John of Hudson Bait and tackle, Steve Luft – a long time fishing partner of George with over 40-years of experience of fishing everywhere from his local reservoirs to the Canyons. He is truly a fishing nut. The other day he sent us a photo of a 34-inch striped bass he caught in the morning and a photo of a 4-pound smallmouth he caught at Kensico. 

Then there’s Anthony Gucciardo,, the founder of our nyangler Instagram account, and he gives us a first hand report of the great inshore bluefin bite that we’re seeing right now And finally, there’s Candy from Caraftis Fishing Station and if it swims there she knows about it! Candy checks in with the latest action they’re seeing in the Port Jefferson area of the sound.

We will be adding more reports each week, as well as deliver our special episodes that will intrigue all anglers! Next week we have a special episode dedicated to the future of tautog in Long Island Sound.

Be sure to visit our friendly and informative fishing forums at www.nyangler.com