Welcome to the New York Fishing Podcast with George Scocca
Nov. 24, 2020

Thankful For Being a New York Angler

Thankful For Being a New York Angler
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Thankful For Being A Recreational Fisherman.

In this Thanksgiving Episode of the New York Fishing Podcast,  George gives thanks to all things fishing. He reminds us that in the end we’re all in it together. He then has a great interview with the man behind the Social Media moniker whaleheadfishing. He’s a highly skilled angler that is willing to share his knowledge to help new anglers catch more fish. He also spends a lot of time with his fishing partner, his son. It’s easy to see that they are a great team on the water and they sure know how to catch fish. 

So in these crazy covid times, be sure to wet a line whenever possible. Be safe and follow CDC guidelines, so we can all have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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