Welcome to the New York Fishing Podcast with George Scocca
Dec. 11, 2020

E.21 The Biggest Blackfish Ever Caught on Hook and Line

E.21 The Biggest Blackfish Ever Caught on Hook and Line
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George speaks with Westerfeld, IGFA World Record Holder for Tog. ,Ken managed to land this pig of pigs – 28.8 pounds fishing 20 miles south of Ocean City Maryland. They talk about what it feels like to have a monster tog on the line and how long it took to land. As is usually the case with tog this dinosaur was a fighter and wasn’t about to go down easy.

 He was on a mission for a world record and did it. He can be found fishing up and down the coast. He also has a strong following on various Facebook Groups and his more than 100 library of fishing related video on this YouTube Channel.

 Ken is also an excellent cook and comes from a family of great cooks. He attends important fisheries meeting representing the positions of his Facebook group members. He is a skilled New York Angler and is always willing to help fellow anglers entering the fishing scene.


So list in as Ken discusses the fish of a life time.

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