Welcome to the New York Fishing Podcast with George Scocca
Sept. 24, 2020

Billy The Greek, TheSaltystache, Capt Mark and our pro staff Bring You the Fishing News

Billy The Greek, TheSaltystache, Capt Mark and our pro staff Bring You the Fishing News
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In this episode our host, George Scocca speaks with the thesaltystache from Instagram. He enjoys fishing both salt and fresh waters and he has some great photo’s that show he knows how to catch. He has posted many photos of impressive bluefish, striped bass, NY Salmon, and more. It’s a great interview for those of us that get the passion.

Then we have the legend, Bill The Greek Legakis. George digs deep to find those little things that sharpies learn over the years. He gives some great advice so get out your pen and paper – or even simpler download the episode as you will hear advice and observations the can only come from The Greek. 

Next up is our eye in the sky flying over the precious Long Island Sound. It’s been blowing NE pretty hard since we last heard from Capt. Mark, of Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle but he has advice for anglers that can catch the window and get out.

And to round out the show we have our resident, inshore, offshore and surf fisherman, Anthony Gucciardo, as he tells us about his offshore experience with an exotic you wouldn’t expect to find.

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